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2017 MRI Registry Test Preparation

MRI Registry Exam Preparation
All-In-One Review Course

One-Time membership fee includes:

  • Online preparation for an MRI Registry examination administered by the (ARRT®), (ARMRIT®) or (CAMRT®)

  • Developed by Kris Giordano, R.T. (R)(MR) who has over 20 years of MR experience. You can learn more about Kris Giordano by clicking here.

  • Alternative Test Bank System® - 1600+ questions specifically worded to help you absorb more material in a shorter amount of time. We provide the tools necessary to understand and visualize the concepts to pass the registry. 

  • 200 Question Timed Mock Registry exam that can be taken as many times and as often as you wish to gauge your proficiency.

  • Hi-Resolution Labeled Images - Hundreds of MR slides to familiarize yourself with day to day imaging.

  • On The Go Study System® - Uniquely divided into 24 easy to follow chapters which can also be printed out so you can prepare while you're not at a computer.  No special software needed. is compatible with Windows, iOS, Tablets and nearly all Smartphones

  • Ask The Expert - This feature allows members to pose specific material related questions in our discussion forum.

  • Multiple detailed discussions including: Parallel Imaging, T1 vs. T2, the Larmour Equation, proton density, K-Space, SNR formulas, STIR vs. fat suppression.

  • You'll receive an easy to follow MRI Registry program which will prepare you in the following areas:

MR Artifacts Hardware
Cardiac MR History of MRI
Advanced MR Imaging Pulse Sequences
Anatomy - Musculoskeletal Image Formation
Anatomy - Spine Magnetism in MRI
Anatomy - Brain/Neck MedicoLegal
Anatomy - Body MR Glossary
MR Safety Patient Care
Spine Imaging Brain Imaging
Musculoskeletal Imaging Image Basics
Body Imaging Formulas
MRA Imaging Contrast Agents
  • No need to pay upwards of $350 to prepare for the MRI Registry.  Our practice exams are equal, if not better than the higher priced copy-cat sites on the web.  Our one-time fee of $99 covers the entire program. No gimmicks.

  • We update our material on a continuous basis to support the latest boards currently being used by the  (ARRT®), (ARMRIT®) or (CAMRT®). Our online course is designed to meet and/or exceed current standards.

  • Instant access.  All study materials are conveniently available online. Compatible with all internet browsers, smartphones & tablets.

  • Nearly 98% (97.84) of our members pass their respective MRI Registry the first time. Average preliminary scores of 80-90 on the ARRT® Registry exam. (from member's testimonials)

  • Message Board for members to post questions and share information with other members.

Why Should I Prepare with

  • FULL YEAR MEMBERSHIPS -   Not 1 month or 3 months.  You get 365 days of preparation for one low price.

  • MRIQuiz is continuously being updated.
    Latest Update: November 15, 2017

  • Over 97% of our members will PASS their respective exam.

  • Prepare at your own pace 24/7. Take the MOCK Registry exam as often as needed to improve your practice scores.

  • Nearly every member who has scored over 90% on our practice exams has successfully passed their registry. 

  • "Certificate of Completion" provided to every member who successfully completes the study program.

Money Back Guarantee:

  • Successfully complete the MRI Registry study program, and will guarantee that you pass your  (ARRT®), (ARMRIT®) or (CAMRT®) MRI Registry or get a full refund of your membership.   More...

Don't just take it from us.  With nearly a 98% passing rate we've posted many of our most recent member testimonials on our Facebook fan page for you to review.  Below are just two of the many testimonials we recently received from actual members.

Recent Testimonial:  Read More
« on: Sep 25th, 2017, 10:23am »

I passed with a preliminary score of 95! I have been an MRI tech for three years and finally took the test! I used this site, MRI in Practice, and MIC. I took the mock boards twice. The first time I got an 88, the second time I got a 99! I am so excited-This site was definitely worth the money!
« on: Sep 19th, 2017, 5:19pm »

I passed the registry with a 93! This site was the basis of my studies. I did the quizzes everyday for about two months and took the mock three times. The test was hard but this website does a great job of breaking things down so you can manage the material . I recommend people to use this site along with reading MRI in practice a lot. Brushing up on some patient care and anatomy wouldn't hurt either. Good luck and study hard!



MRI Registry
Test Preparation
1 Full Year Membership (ONE TIME FEE)
Reduced 30% OFF    Reg. $149.95
(offer valid if you join before November 25th, 2017)


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